MMK caught up with the front woman of the all girl Brisbane Rock band Acid Cherry in the lead up. to their Headline gig at King Lears Throne this Sunday in Brisbane's Live music precinct Fortitude Valley .

Brooke Beauchamp's powerful vocals and stage presence is backed by her fellow members Zoey ( guitar) , Nicole ( Drums)  and Joey on Bass and together they are Acid Cherry the combination that the rock scene has been lacking for some time. Proving that girl power exists and they love nothing more than to bring rock to the stage.

Not afraid to stand up and  demand your attention, Acid Cherry are a cross between The LA all girl band The Runaways and  the Glam rock/ metal of Vixen . Female artists battle stereotypes just as their predecessors  have in the last  30 years  but Acid Cherry are here to make some noise and bring the energy of their music to inspire the next generation of women musicians to get out there and follow your dreams.


How did you all come together?

 A: We all found each other online! I (Brooke) met Joey through Bandmix, asking if she would like to start an all girl band. Our old bassist Mia found my solo vocal videos on Instagram and we started the band then. We met Nic later on through a UQ love letters group, posting for a drummer. We then agreed we wanted another guitarist so we posted around on Facebook and that how we met Zoe. Funny how social media can bring people together.


How long have you been going? A: Acid Cherry started gigging in late April, 2021, so we are still fairly new. We are proud of what we have accomplished in the short time we have been together. How many gigs have you done and where ? A: We have only done around 7 gigs (thank you covid for the cancellations). Venues included Rics, Tomcat, Oskulligans, King Lears Thrown, and a Triple M Live n Local stage.


Video shoots promo when are we getting a video and single Release ?

A: Our singles are currently about to go into the mixing and mastering process so single releases should be expected late this year, early next year! Music videos will not be far behind them!


Great band name who came up with it.?  A: Joey came up with Cherry Acid and I (Brooke) liked it a lot but suggested to swap them around. We all collectively decided Acid Cherry was it.


What music influences the band and you all separately ? A: We all are collectively influenced by 80s/90s and late 2000’s hard rock, grunge and even some metal. We all seem to have similar tastes so it worked out well for us.


Where do you see Acid Cherry in 2022 apart from securing a spot at Jimna 2022 festival, what else is in the works ?

A: We definitely would like to see a tour in the works. Also we would like to release our first album next year. Our main hope is that we can show women how powerful and mighty women actually are.. We want to spread awareness on how sheltered the discrimination of women is in the industry. We are basically here as a big fuck you to all the people who told us we can’t do what we do just because of our gender.

The girls will be bringing plenty of attitude to the stage, they are ready to deliver an energetic powerful rock set for those lucky enough to score tickets to the limited capacity show.

Get along to King Lears Throne and catch the girls this Sunday !!

Supported by Brisbane's  energetic Aussie rock quartet Roadhouse. Four best mates  who came together in early 2016 and since forming have carved themselves a reputation for a blood pumping live show bolstering a large repertoire of well crafted, catchy modern rock anthems.

The three piece heavy rock band out of Toowoomba Goldie Horn who continue to ignite venues with their signature sound and infectious rhythms & Taine Joso  who express a vast array of musical influences in their compositions including Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers, to name a few.

Performing live for over 13 years Johan Danno originally from Florida and has now made Australia home and will be opening on Sunday at 5pm,

His infectious positive vibes. Mixing soul, folk-rock, blues, and reggae music makes his show both intimate yet high energy with something for everyone to vibe with. 

Brooke  Vocals 
Nicole  Drums 
Zoe Guitar 
Joey Bass