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I caught up with Jayden the lead guitarist from Ancient Remains to have a chat before their upcoming show at Woolly Mammoth Mane stage on Sunday March 7th.


Not knowing much about this young band except that I ran them in December, and they impressed me with what they were putting out from the stage and although nervous it was a well-rehearsed set, they all came together in 2019 thanks to random meetings at Download Festival. This is where Jayden (Guitar) met Calvin (Drums).


On the way back to Brisbane Calvin was seated next to Daniel who was also at download festival and after talking music with Daniel on the flight home they decided to get together for a jam and that’s when Daniel came in as the vocalist for the band.


Cody (Bass) and Jayden went to school together and Cody played bass in Brisbane band Cold Pie until their demise.


They all moved in together except Cody and strong friendships were formed.

They started Jamming in a soundproof shed and their first show was in August of 2020 amidst the COVID-19 restrictions.


December 2020, they played their third show at the Woolly Mammoth where they showed Brisbane a performance that far outweighed their years in the industry.

A solid tight show of heavy groove and thrash metal with a dash of punk thrown in to keep it interesting.


It is evident they are all good friends, a great connection on stage made for a wicked set. Living together has enabled this band to forge forward and they have been writing plenty of music since starting the band.


Their new single “The Ancient will Remain” is coming out soon. Jayden explained that the single is something they wrote to pay homage to all the bands that have influenced them and their style of music and to make sure that the ancient remain.


The ancients being the Metallica, Megadeath, Pantera and the many others he spoke of that have cemented themselves into history. Old School Thrash is what drives Ancient Remains.


The band name has its own meaning behind what the guys do.

Jayden commented “We are young and it’s time for our generation to keep the old thrash alive”.


They head into the studio this Sunday at Burleigh Heads to track their first demo and are excited to finally get it all happening.


They cannot wait to get their music out on all platforms for people to hear and enjoy.


You can catch them live March 7th at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage at the HEAVY Metal Sunday Session

Doors 3.30pm, Ancient Remains on stage at 5.40pm


Buy HEAVY METAL SUNDAY tickets, QLD March 7th 2021 | Moshtix

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