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Where are you all from in the UK? 

We're from the Midlands, just south of Birmingham from the hometown of William Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon.


How long have you all been playing as Brixton Alley? 

We've been together for about six years, but we've been taking it seriously for the last two.


Whats in the name, who came up with that and is there special meaning? 

We wrote a song before we even had a name. The song was called Simple Sally, about a lady of the night and "Brixton Alley" is from a line from the song.


What bought you all down under to Oz?

Warm weather and sandy beaches, which so far we've had very little experience of, having spent most of the year in lockdown in Melbourne! We also love the people over here, the crowds at live shows are awesome! Yew!


The time you spent in Melbounre was 6 Months? What did you get up to? See any thing cool? I saw a few gigs and TV appearances tell us briefly about those. 

We played some awesome shows down in Melbourne and launched our latest EP "Nevermore" at the iconic Melbourne venue The Espy, which was so much fun. Sadly though that was the last gig we played, as Coronavirus hit and we've pretty much been in lockdown since then.


Why Brisbane?

It's an exciting new opportunity for us to get involved with the vibrant Queensland music scene. There are some quality bands up here that we can't wait to get playing with. That and the warm, sandy beaches that are not too far away...

Whats your favourite song to play? 

Jonny: Minor Details, Ben: Voices, Alex: Simple Sally


Whats your take on online music like spotify, Itunes and bandcamp? 

It's really easy to get your music out there and reach a large audience, which is fantastic. The downside is that it makes it much harder for musicians (especially up and coming ones) to make money from record sales.


Whats in the future for Brixton alley?

Hopefully being able to stay in Australia for another couple years and continue doing what we love.


What can we expect on November 26th?

A fast-paced, high-energy set that will hopefully leave a few songs stuck in your head.

Did you ever think you would share a line up with Nick Tart ex Diamond Head? 

Well funnily enough they're actually from near where we grew up! To be able to share a stage with someone who shared a stage with Metallica is something pretty special. Hopefully we can make a good impression!




November 26th UK Band Brixton Alley will be playing The Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage in the heart of the Brisbane music Precinct Fortitude Valley.


The band boarded a plane for Brisbane and have undergone the manditory 2 week quarantine allowing them to perform their music to the people of Brisbane that are lucky enough to score a ticket due to limited capacity.


Tickets can be purchased through Moshtix

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