August 15th  

 Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage 

18 +

 633 Anne Street  Fortitude Valley Brisbane Australia 

Tickets available here soon
Australia's number 1 bad ass motherfucking sleaze rock band. like the bastard child of motorhead, guns n' roses and faster pussycat.

Snake Bite Whisky are full throttled, no compromise, in yer face sleaze soaked rock n' roll. A much needed injection of nitro glycerine, "fuck you" heavy rock with attitude and flair in a dull music scene. Undoubtedly the most dangerous and intense live band in Australia. This is a band for people who like their rock turned to eleven, their sex dirty and their booze flowing!

Snake Bite Whiskey 

Jay R - Vocals         Si Dunn - Guitars 

Laggy - Guitars       Stacii Blake - Bass 
             Dan Weldon - Drums.

Loud, dirty, uncompromising sleaze metal

Rock N Roll outlaws , lock up your daughters !!

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