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Concrete Palms 

MMK Karen 

When your asked to take a listen to a track from an artist it’s a privilege.

Being asked to listen to something they have written is exciting.

Especially when it’s as good as “Banyard” by Concrete Palms .

Fresh onto the airwaves it got me in right from the start. Plenty of cowbell  which is just fine with me.

The bass lines from Huw Munday had the vibrations dancing behind the guitar work of Alex Kosenko. Complete with signature Solos from Kosenko and the anticipation of where the story lyrically was going. An extended run of riffs had me fall into the music.

It had a familiar sound but it wasn’t familiar. A sound that I was familiar with.  what year is it again ?

Transported back to the 70’s and it felt good.. 

Barnyard takes me back to the music that shaped my teenage years.

‘Oh yeah baby its our time’ it sure is if you keep releasing music like this.

This is a great rock track with hints of punk thrown in with that 70’s feel.

Bass vibrations and impressive work on the guitar strings. with solid heavy precise drumming from Dom makes this track a must for those who love their Rock N Roll delivered with plenty of Cowbell.

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