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Sunday the Woolly Mammoth will be alive once again to the sounds of live music. Six bands will be taking to the stage from 3pm through till 8pm. Joining us on the line up are North Brisbane band Deaf Poets Society. I caught up with Tom Mc Ranclaud vocalist and the man behind Deaf Poet Society. Tom has been tearing it up on the scene with Passion Cactus for three years but now you can see them rocking as their alter punk ego Deaf Poet Society as well . Keen to see what the future holds for these guys who have bought out a banger of a first single and video to accompany it. Tom and the band are so passionate about this project they would quit their jobs to take this on the road.

They want to make records that sound good and play music that they like to listen to and hope others do as well. They are influenced and also love to listen to “For lovers of Pixies, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate and anything else that is fucking loud sad and catchy as hell” “We Just wanna draw people in with similar influence and music taste to us and connect with those people and play honest music.”

Their first single “Bitter Not Better” although dark there is sarcasm and humour. The track is catchy as hell and not your typical Break up song.

“The video was a lot of fun to do for “Bitter Not Better” I had 16 cents to my name, we bought a case of beer and got everyone to make out on camera while I stared down the lens alone with all these romantic moments happening around me.”

“2020 has been the worst year ever and we are just happy to be able to play and it’s an honour to play the Woolly Mammoth Stage.”

Tom spoke of the scene and how he would love for more people to just get out and support live music including other bands getting out and also connecting and working together to build a solid scene.

“Its not about the money but we all would love nothing more than to be able to make enough to be able to keep playing music and touring.” Get out on Sunday and catch Deaf Poets Society live at the Woolly.

New music is on the way so get ready to be hit by some more great music from the guys soon.


“Stuff to live for”


After suffering through breakups, psychotic breakdown from drug use and the backdrop of a pandemic, Deaf Poet Society are back with reasons to stay alive on our latest release “Stuff to Live For”. Noted (By Ourselves) for dower and despondent lyrics over our brand of Pop-Punk, we’re back stronger than ever with a new philosophy, “Everything is always fucked…and that’s okay”.

The opener “Sunshower” is the crux of this new lease on life. Rooted in the strength the band members have given each other through this fucked up year. This strength has enabled us with a minimum of Cocaine use “To turn all our bad feelings into good feelings” and somehow pump out two Ep’s of material. In these beautifully earnest lyrics, we move from the despondency of “Got a head full of regrets” to the honest gratitude of “you gave me your love, you gave me your best, torn in two, you take what’s left”. We’ve gotten each other through worse than this year, and this song is about seeing how much shit we can go through and come out clean on the other side. Though the rain is pounding, with the right people by your side, it really can feel like a Sunshower.

“Thread” is an attempt to find humour in your darkest moments. An over the top lyric about feeling like such shit, that you can honestly laugh about it. With lines like “I’m just hanging on, running out of thread” set to lush chord progressions, we can’t help but feel uplifted playing this song. It’s often said that as Kafka was writing his darkest books (and Kafka’s got some dark shit) that his neighbours would complain, as his howling, cackling laughter would keep them up at night. If there is one thing this band has going for us, it’s that we can laugh in the bitter gnarled face of life, “try to scare me mother fucker, Let’s see what you got”. It reminds us that this band is like a good marriage, no matter what, we can always make each other laugh in that vile face.

“Marijuana” is perhaps the one break in our vibe for this record (it can’t all be light as a daisy you fucking happy people!). This song is one of the earliest we ever wrote, dating back to the even more confusing High School era of suicidal ideation. More or less a made-up story about loving a parasite that you can’t live without, that we then manifested into our adult lives (prophecy is destiny for an artist it seems). Tom screams “she loves me like a drug” and seeing the evolution of that line from teen angst to mid 20’s existential dread is amazingly rewarding.

“Pity Party” is a conscious attempt to bemoan the worlds evils over a stunningly pretty instrumental. To say goodbye to this shit year through the lens of our newfound philosophy. “These fucked up times I guess, all part of our story” is probably the line that sets this up best. It reminds me of a line I heard from some internet guy, “The scars you make in a tree don’t get smaller, but the tree gets bigger, which makes the scars seem smaller with time”. We will make is through this year and we will come back more appreciative of the good times, spending less time online yelling about politics and more time doing shit we love, with people we love. As this song ends in a swirling stunning mess of fuzzed out guitar and spiralling synths, we say goodbye to this year and emerge from these trenches of internet isolation into something approaching, a life worth living.