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Magnertron is a hard hitting vocal grinding, Aussie Metal band , Shane McNamara on Vocals and Guitar , Corey McNamara on the Lead Guitar , Damien Kechagias on the bass and Krist Rumbucket on the drums. Magnertron has played shows with such bands as : Mortal sin , King Parrot , Pycroptic , Blood duster and a heap more , We released our new Album "Can You Smell The Roses " in January 2020 which has 16 Brutal tracks all recorded at Underground Sounds Studios in Brisbane.


Making sad and rad cool again, local boys “Hollow Doubt” have been crushing goals and souls with their blend of riffs and existential angst and the fact that time stops for no one. Coming off their latest two releases “August”, a tale heard many times through a new lens, and their quarter life crisis “Wonder” they’re here to put the manic back in Manic Depression.


From garages to greater things, 4 piece Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid are set to make waves in the Australian metal scene. Starting out in 2018 they have since released 2 EPs, 'Dis//Connect' and 'Reform & Regret'. Available on all major services now.


PistonFist have driven hard and fast into the music scene with a foot firmly planted on the accelerator! Brisbane’s heavy rock scene has welcomed them in full force, firmly cementing their place since their inception in 2018. Armed with massive riffs, gravel strained vocals and super slick lead breaks PistonFist have unleashed their ‘Petrol Rock’ into the world and are ready to take it further! PistonFist have already made a serious mark on the heavy music industry, playing major festivals in Brisbane such as Dead of Winter, Halloween Hysteria and Outmoshyama.


Formed in Brisbane in 2017, heavy rock band Wivenhoe deliver an energetic live show based on solid riffs, growling bass and powerful vocals, backed up by relentless drumming.Wivenhoe are currently recording tracks for a new EP to be released in 2021.


Formed back in 2019 the day Jayden and Calvin met Dan at his place to blast some tunes and play some good old Thrash metal, writing our first song that day. All original songs, all inspired from the band's we all loved from days that have passed from Thrash to Groove with lyrics with something to say. Later Cody joining us on Bass to compete the sound to ensure the Ancient Remains.

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