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Formed in 2020 when 3 friends put the call out for a drummer online to form a band.

Brodie answered that call and although not the genre of music he was used to working in he took on the challenge and they have been at it since February 2020.

All from the Northside of Brisbane the guys started jamming in Feb 2020 and had their first show in August of that year. They worked on refining their music and their live performance.

Decembers Deadline is a post hardcore / pop metal band out to make their mark on the world. Drawing influence from acts such as Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Ice Nine Kills and Old School Rock/ Metal.

Each member has various influences and this adds to the fusion of music you will hear from the band.

Decembers Deadline brings a hard hitting and energetic mix of head banging breakdowns and choruses that stay with you long after their shows.

The four-piece outfit includes members Hayden Stanek aka ‘Professor Gibson’ (Lead Guitar).


The Professor’s extensive knowledge and passion for guitar has led him to concoct the perfect head turning tone and shred-tastic solos for your enjoyment.

Brodie ‘Stabbing in the Dark’ Staines is on Drums. Brodie has played in other genres and decided to live dangerously and went from playing drums at Sunday evening church service to your favourite Ice Nine Kills covers.

Brodie’s groove is unmatched, bringing Decembers Deadline sound tighter and making it near impossible to not get up and become part of the music and bang your head.

Connor Mason … I mean Benjamin Bryant (Guitar and Vocals). He will make you think he is nothing but a thief with his soaring falsetto, king slaying gutturals and bouncy riffs.

Zac Caple (Bass and Vocals) Australia’s very own Jeremy Mckinnon. Zac brings his amplifying post hardcore vocals and Classic pop punk style Bass to complete the four-piece band.

The bands live performance is high energy and their passionate lead guitarist Hayden puts 100% into his face melting solos.

Their debut single is set to be released early March.

‘Endeavour’ will be the first of three upcoming singles to be released over the coming months.


Decembers Deadline are continuing to make their presence known in the Brisbane music scene and have plans to spread it further afield.

They have continued to work on more purposeful productions to keep the music interesting and not repetitive.

Keep your eye out for their videos that will accompany their singles from march through till May.

Catch them live Sunday March 7th at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage


Secure your tickets HERE

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