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A unique and energetic five piece band from Australia's Gold Coast, the Wayward Suns are a unique blend of Blues-Funk Hip-Hop, with inspirational elements in roots, funk and reggae lighting up dance floors up and down the east coast for the last 2 years.


Blank G.C magazine describe them as “groove fusion merchants on a rapid ascension across the musical landscape”.


The deep funk rhythm section is peppered with the melodic counterpoint of sizzling guitar lines and powerful samples, while the two lead vocalists compliment each other, one providing a rootsy growl which juxtaposes the second vocalist complex hip-hop lyrics.


Goldie Horn are a three piece heavy rock band out of Toowoomba, Qld. Igniting local venues with their signature sound and infectious rhythms


Passion Cactus are a Home-grown Brisbane rock band, in favor of love.

A Brisbane psychedelic blues band, Passion Cactus brings foreword a unique sound characterized by hearty vocals, ripping guitar and thick, pounding rhythms.


With influences from "Pink Floyd" to "The Velvet Underground" to "The Ramones", the four piece blends an eclectic mix of soundscapes and punk fervor through both their musical compositions and live performances.


Brisbane Indie Rock Band

Mikey Wulff (Vocalist)

Christian Kartelo (Guitarist)

Bridgette Dabinett (Bass)

Lachlan Holdorf (Drums)


offer a familiar indie sound coupled with their edgy yet groovy tones. Formed in the winter of 2020, they look to bring their new songs and vibes to as many ears as possible.

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