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Who the Hell is Hit ‘N’ Mizz?


All Rock N Dirty Innocence. Hit N Mizz is the brain child of Mizzie Maxx.


If you were to be asked to choose a species of bird that has the most in common with front woman of Brisbane band HIT ‘N’ MIZZ it would be a loud, showy flamboyant bird of paradise. However if you look deeper you find a cheeky, mischievous Bower bird. Like the audacious Bower bird that seeks out the brightest and shiniest objects as treasures so does Mizzie Maxx. An edgy writer and performer Mizzie is a rock chick on a mission. Formed in 2018 after finding herself at a cross road in the music Industry and wanting more Mizzie rounded up members from other bands (Stole Them) and started rehearsing and performing live with her original music.

Mizzie Maxx is the ultimate bad ass front woman who struts her stuff with confidence. Her performances are never dull. She morphes from a punk rock princess to a rock queen showing her versatility and testament to her growth as a musician. Mizzie has big dreams and is ready to take the world by the balls and dominate. A child star at the age of 12, Mizzie and her twin were picked up busking in the outskirts of Melbourne. She loves nothing more than performing and writing music. A move to Tassie saw her performing in cover bands but still not enough for this wild child and she moved herself to Brisbane and after fronting two metal bands she went back to her roots of punk rock and glam and started Hit N Mizz.

The stage is her platform to perform however the hell she wants. Her lyrics go from catchy pop punk to deep soulful to one hell of a raucous. Pop punk sensibilities shine through with Mizzie Maxx in her playful moments but this woman knows how to rock a stage. Synchronized stage moves see Mizzie dominating and controlling and roaring down the mic.

Mizzie brings her raunchy, flirtatious moves combined with a playful innocence to the stage shaking things up with her high energy and seductive moves but all the time playing off her band members. The band is a powerhouse combination of your 80s rock with a punk attitude. They have one aim and that’s to have fun and play music. Together they are Mizfits and Bratz just like their fans that have come together for the love of rock n roll, and are hell bent on delivering a rock show.

Its music reminiscent of the early days of rock and all the glam. When you go to a Hit N Mizz show be prepared they are always ready for Action.

Their debut EP “Action” is set to be released Jan 15th 2021. Launching at the Woolly Mammoth Mane stage in Fortitude Valley. “Action “is a great collection of songs that Hit N Mizz have become renowned for at their live shows. Some tracks are risqué and racy with suggestive lyrics and 18+.

Some tracks throw you back to the 80s and a time when Aussie rock was at the forefront and hitting the airwaves with catchy lyrics and pop punk sounds.

Mizzie Maxx has a serious side as well and there is a profound honesty in what she writes connecting her with her audience. Plenty of riffs and some shredding guitar solos, Hit N Mizz have produced a banger for their debut EP punchy as hell with plenty of attitude.