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Founded in 2018 by members of previous and current Brisbane bands such as Arrivals, Elsewhere Bound and Grizzlyshark. Hourglasses are a Brisbane-based post-hardcore band with heavy-hitting drums, chunky metal riffs, catchy lead guitar lines and aggressive, hard-hitting lyrics.

They draw stylistic inspiration from metalcore, pop punk and melodic hardcore, influenced from bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Hands like Houses, Atreyu and Alexisonfire.

Hourglasses released a single in 2020, ‘One Trick Pony’, soon to be followed up by a six track EP entitled ‘Erase The Past’, featuring songs covering a wide variety of topics from abandonment to toxic relationships to frustration playing video games online.

I had a chat with Alex about what we can expect on stage from Hourglasses on March 7th.

This will be their last show with this current line up as they will be adding a second vocalist to the mix. Their music will also undergo a few changes with this transition. They have a video coming out in 2021 and looking forward to the future.

Three of the current members came from a pop punk background. This has seen them take a new road into the metalcore world but with elements of pop punk still very much a part of their music.

Alex is the demo and Production guy of the band and has been writing for over 2 years and with now a full band put together those tracks will see the light of day.

It is a working project with them all having fulltime work and different schedules.

We can expect a high energy show from Andrew the Rhythm guitarist with the pop punk background and the lead guitarist changes things up for this genre with some blistering solos.

They have their EP in the works for release in 2021 and this is only their 2nd show after playing the Brightside in 2020.

 They like to keep the music interesting and look forward to playing Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage March 7th


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