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Illusionary will take to the stage at Woolly Mammoth on March 7th for their debut gig.

This project has been 3 years in the making and for Ari the lead guitarist it has been a lifetime of touring and now after settling into Australia he has resumed the passion with some new musicians at his side including his wife on drums.


Shintaro Ariji the Sushi chef, metal guitarist, composer and natural farmer took some time out of his busy schedule to tell me how the band came together and some background on Illusionary.


Ari started writing the music for “Illusionary” in 2017 and then commenced his search for the right band members who were not only good musicians but motivated and were on the same page.

No stranger to the Industry Ari started his musical career in Japan and then moved to America and toured for 7 years with his band Supe (pronounced "shoop") 


Ten years on the touring circuit sharing the stage with some of the best in the industry Ari had plenty of stories to tell of life on the road.

Touring with Head PE and Mushroom head on their 2009 summer tour with his band SUPE had them on the road for one and a half months in the States.

Ari has been in Australia for 8 years and he lives and breathes music it is his Passion.


The band is very DIY and his experience in the industry has him very hands on with all aspects of the band from editing videos to production and working closely with engineers fine tuning their sound.

Now settled in Brisbane with his wife he has dreamed of playing the Woolly Mammoth stage after seeing his friends Head PE play there in 2015.


In 2019 after 20 auditions for a bass player Geordie was found and his skill/motivation was just what Ari had been looking for. “He had the sound, and he knew he was the one.”


Front man Wade answered a Facebook add and came with plenty of experience as the vocalist from Brisbane Metalcore band Virtues.


The Drums are played by Ari’s wife Azusa. “She wasn’t a metal drummer but after 3 years she has the double kick down and is a solid part of the band “

“I was very particular with the final members of Illusionary, we had to share the same goals, be on the same level with our music and friendship was important”.


Brisbane is in for a real treat with 30 min of technical complicated music delivered by some very experienced musicians playing their first show as Illusionary.


Presale tickets are available through Moshtix

Link to the Video Promo

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