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Hard rock’n’roll for insomniacs that don’t respond to hard drugs.
Deaf Poet Society is a Brissy based band for people that like their songs catchy as hell and guitars DISTORTED and LOUD.
Tom Ranclaud, Sam HM, Jessy Ranclaud & Steve Szell are Deaf Poet Society .
Desperately optimistic they took on a year that many musicians struggled to get through.
This is an EP that is looking for beauty in a strange and chaotic world and as the title suggests - finding stuff to live for. Still full of the punk attitude and sarcasm we come to expect from this ragtag group of misfits, but there's a hope in the songs and soaring melodies to counteract the roaring guitars. Brissy punk pop at it's best, keep your eye out on Deaf Poet Societies "Stuff To Live For" and make sure you're there January 14th for the launch.


4-piece chaotic bubblegum-grunge band from Brisbane


When an Italian, Australian, and Estonian took a night express to Rome, they realized the universe was opening up and endless. You might call it a romance, they call it pure Rock'n'Roll!


Hailing from sunny Brisbane, Shores are a feel good mix of beachy surf rock with a dose of Millennial anxiety churned in.

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