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The new single from Brisbane band KRAVE is a winner 
It first made me think wow, so this is the new wave of music coming through. Female fronted with Bass in hand backed by a shredder on guitar and a solid drummer. Brisbane is a melting pot of bands and its been great to watch this band grow. I have had the opportunity to work with many talented artists through running events but the band KRAVE always stood out.

Passionate performers live, showing a strong dedication to their music.
2020 the year where Covid 19 changed our lives forever and had us adapt to a new way of life and a new way to enjoy the music. Dancing was outlawed and moving freely in a closed venue made it difficult especially when you are hit with the music of KRAVE live.

However if this is any indication of what's coming out of ISO it’s very promising for Australian Music.
A catchy tune with lyrics that most can relate to. “Outta Control “ encapsulates the power of frontwoman Siana Davis vocal ability. Strong clean vocals and an ability to scream her point in clarity when needed.
Dedicated to her career and passionate about the music industry Siana has a strong set of lungs. On stage she interacts with her audience and encourages them to become apart of her world . The band for me is hard to genre. KRAVE is KRAVE
KRAVE for me fall into a comfortable pocket of Hard Rock / Punk with the energy and overtones of Metal coming through and this is evident in their new single.
“ OUTTA CONTROL “ is out now and marks the bands first release with the new lineup of Siana, Ryan and Sam

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