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Magnertron is hard hitting !!
Their latest release "Can You Smell the Roses " was released early 2020.
Coming back to the Brisbane music scene after 3 years away they are ready to melt faces.


Formed in 2019 with Wade on vocals, Ari on guitar, Geordie on bass, and Azusa on drums the and is based in Brisbane.

Their unique but aggressive progressive sound has a mixture of alternative metal groove and psychedelic twists with extra heavy vocals.

Following their first single, Empty Vessel, they released their second single, "When The Sun Consumes The Moon " late 2020.

They will keep the music coming and are pulling no punches to shake the metal lovers' necks till they snap


Get ready for a high energy set FULL of HEAVY METAL MADNESS with Brisbane thrashers, Daniel | Jayden | Cody | Calvin
Formed in 2019, Ancient Remains arrived on the heavy metal scene blasting a full, original set of shredding THRASH to melodic GROOVE, they are here to rip the stage up and get heads banging.
"Bang that head that doesn’t bang.” – R. Burch ‘83


Hourglasses are a Brisbane-based post-hardcore band founded in 2018.


Formed by members of previous and current Brisbane bands such as Arrivals, Elsewhere Bound and Grizzlyshark, they’ve been writing and recording ever since, with heavy-hitting drums, chunky metal riffs, catchy lead guitar lines and aggressive, hard-hitting lyrics.

They draw stylistic inspiration from metalcore, pop punk and melodic hardcore, influenced from bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Hands like Houses, Atreyu and Alexisonfire. Hourglasses released a single in 2020, ‘One Trick Pony’, soon to be followed up by a six track EP entitled ‘Erase The Past’, featuring songs covering a wide variety of topics from abandonment to toxic relationships to frustration playing video games online.


Brisbane based post-hardcore /alternative rock band. Influenced by A Day To Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and Old School Metal


Zac - Ben - Hayden - Brodie

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