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I have had a passion for photography for many years. My first experience was with black and white film in the U.K.


A close friend was connected to a lot of U.K. bands and we used to meet them backstage or during soundchecks and I would just go snap crazy! It was such a buzz!


Since moving to Australia I have slowly got into the music scene and started shooting at some great Brisbane venues for media outlets capturing some amazing Brisbane bands as well as some international artists.


My photography has taken me abroad to the U.S. and the U.K. to cover a band I have followed since the early 1980's. Original punk band The Damned. Music photography is very challenging. It's also very exciting and rewarding when you know you have captured the very essence of the performance.


Along the way I have developed a passion for portrait photography. I now have my own styled studio space where I create some amazing artistic images. I get a great feeling creating something special for my clients. The next obvious step for me is to capture studio style images of bands, artists and performers and that's exactly what i am doing right now.


I believe in giving people my absolute best of my abilities regardless of anything. My honesty, integrity and your privacy are most important to me. If i felt i was not the best person for your project then i would tell you. I feel there is a common mis-conception that photographers are able to shoot anything and everything. I know my limits. That way there is no compromising and I can give you my full attention and get your images to you in a timely manner.

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