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Scott Kefford (Keff) Just a guy who loves live music with years of experience in the industry and always keeping up with the latest trends. Working alongside Keff you will no doubt learn a thing or two. This includes performers, event organizers, venues, entertainers and bands alike.


Whether it's pushing faders and knobs for audio or lighting Keff is dedicated to his business and his aim is to always make sure the night will be a success. He puts a massive amount of effort in supplying both a professional service but also quality sound equipment.


A pleasure to work with, Scott Kefford of Mix Maniac Sound & Lighting takes care of all the sound and lighting needs for MMK Music Promotions and is always on point. His dedication always makes for a stress free event.


All good shows come about with a couple of key elements. The quality of sound and the quality of the lighting. An event that gives the full aural and visual experience is what Mix Maniac Sound and Lighting is known for.


Lighting is a Keff specialty, from the lighting placement on performers and the lighting of the audience and the venue he has it sorted. One other element that makes for a visual experience is the atmospherics such as smoke, faze or haze.


He is the photographer’s friend. Many years of honing his craft, playing in bands, and working several venues and supporting live music. Keffs extensive knowledge of the industry will show the performers in their best light.

Wise words from Keff to any vocalists who are torn about buying and using your own mic, do you really know where the house mic has been. Keff also keeps the Glenn 20 on hand for all the nasty’s

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