North Brisbane Based Band Concrete Palms are back and hitting the stage at the Prince of Wales Hotel Mid April 2020. Frank Menken Photography has just posted a video with insight to the bands movements and plans for the new year. Which means new music, new lineup and even bigger shows. Tune in to see whats happening here!

Frank Menken

Concrete Palms



MMK Music Promotions - 2019

Ocean Shores Interview
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Elijah Saps vocalist for Oceanshores had a chat about the band and their future goals and bringing back hardcore to the Brisbane scene.

It's all about spreading the energy and playing for their fans.

They just want to see their audience having just as much fun as they do.

Easy going guys that love the energy and love it when the crowd feels that breakdown and looses control. Oceanshores will be playing November 2nd at The Backroom " The Containment Metal Festival " and then at Rics bar November 16th and The Prince Of wales Hotel december 6th

Their new single is out now " Believe in Nothing "

MMK Music Promotions - 2019

It was great to catch up with Crispy Stowe vocalist for Brisbane band Void Matter on Sunday afternoon and talk all things Void Matter. The guys played at The Brightside, Valley Drive Inn as apart of Halloween Hysteria on Friday night and are still coming down from that. It's the biggest stage they have played on since coming into the Brisbane scene in March this year.

One thing I did forget to ask Crispy is how he is finding the new hairstyle. At least he is saving on haircuts so there is more money for beer.


MMK Music Promotions - 2019



Void Matter Interview
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His song writing and his prowess with the guitar has produced some great songs both with his band and now through his solo endeavours.
Sean is an accomplished teacher at the The Australian Academy of Music and continues to teach from the business in Brendale Nth Brisbane. On this track he has teamed up with fellow student Alex Kosenko who recorded the track and played harmonica.
The song takes you on a journey down a dusty track with a southern blues feel.
The lyrics are simple honest and raw and tell a story of wanting to escape and live life.
With an EP of the way I look forward to hearing what Sean has produced.

MMK Music Promotions - 2019

"Listening to the new single from Alex Kosenko ‘After You’ my immediate thoughts where this kid would not have been out of place at Woodstock. ‘After You’ is a fusion of genre’s with elements of the blues and rock combined. A slow tempo track that builds and carries sentimental lyrics. A heartfelt ballad with some great guitar sounds and blues harmonica to help stir the emotions. Still in his teenage years with many years of playing acoustic shows Alex has found a beautiful way to express through his music and this single is no different. Combining many styles of music that can be heard throughout the track. The skills of being a multi instrumentalist has bought about a single that urges the listener to follow a journey through his music and lyrics. A big future ahead if he keeps releasing music like this."

MMK Music Promotions - 2019



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