Kaosphere's music is not your typical metal genre sound. In fact, Kaosphere have managed to take the best of Metal Core, Nu Metal, and even some elements of rap to create catchy tunes with hard-hitting lyrics that penetrate right to the core.

Barely taking a breath after the successful release of our 2018 single, Forsaking Shadows, they decided to hit the road for their first east coast tour.

They left some pretty impressive scars in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Bundaberg, Brisbane and of course their home town of the Gold Coast. The release of their first EP in mid-2018 kept them busy as a band playing stages around Sth East Qld and Australia.

The guys opened for 36 Crazyfists at the Miami Shark Bar on the Gold Coast in April 2019 as part of their Australian Tour.


2019 was dedicated mostly to writing new songs, hitting the studio and planning their album that is set for release soon.
They have taken their music to the next level and are excited about what they have created.

2020 has been a big year for Kaosphere! Their latest single "No Respect" was released February 28th.

They have a video due for release to coincide with the release of another hard hitting new single that is dropping August 28th.
Their Australian tour of 2020 has been put on hold due to Covid but there is no stopping these guys taking over the stages of Sth east Qld starting with the Woolly Mammoth.


BAND MEMBERS Ricci Dyer - Vocals
Tane Jacob - Rhythm Guitar
Leon Friss - Bass Guitar Tane Bayliss - Lead Guitar Liam McKay - Drums

“"Our music is based on reality and everything that surrounds it. The reality can be harsh, people will always use you and abuse you and the paths we choose are not always the right ones. That's what we talk about."”


Piston Fist have driven hard and fast into the music scene with a foot firmly planted on the accelerator!Brisbane’s heavy rock scene has welcomed them in full force, firmlycementing their place since their inception in 2018.


Armed with massive riffs, gravel strained vocals and super slick lead breaks PistonFist have unleashed their ‘Petrol Rock’into the world and are ready to take it further!PistonFist have already made a serious mark on the heavy music industry.


Their music is hard, heavy and in your face but also delivers a positive message. To them,music isn’t just about making noise. It is about that connection that only tight, solid outfits can make.N ego, no bullshit, no labels, just good, honest heavy rock music.


Formed in 2019, from a group of guys with decidedly different influences, but with a common passion... Playing Loud!!A death metal Sicilian guitarist with a laid back NT stoner rocker take care of the guitar duties.A veteran punk drummer (Blowhards) and a blues rock bassist complete the rhythm section.While the man out front’s Alex Kemp’s enthusiasm knows no bounds.57 Below, a band you won’t only hear them you’ll feel it too!!


Strange Fiction are Grant McMillan on Vocals, Jackson Barnes and Faber on guitar, Arlen McDonald on bass, Miguel Mendoza on drums and the Unofficial 6th memeber The Shoey Shark aka. Middy Bruce.The boys are a fun, explosive and entertaining live act that blend a varirty of sounds to create a unique mix of hardcore, southern riffs and heavier undertones.

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