Northern Rivers NSW / Byron based.Together as a full band for about 2 years they recorded their debut album in December last year and were ready to hit the gig circuit to promote it.Hard copies in hand then Covid .Scourge of Suffering are a four piece death metal/grindcore band from Byron Bay, Australia who have focused on creating an aggressive punchy sound that incorporates the New York hardcore style and traditional 1980’s death metal with the groove of Goijera.The combination creating a dynamic new sound that is reminiscent of the old school days of underground metal.The four piece consists of three members of groove metal band SIV which not only won a Dolphin Award and featured on Rage but also supported King Parrot.Guitarist Marc Stapelberg said they had a selection of songs which were designed to break skulls and snap necks whether you knew the songs or not.“We focused everything on vibe. The song construction is based around punters who go to gigs and may not know the songs yet,” he said.“We wanted people to immediately connect with the songs and so constructed them in a way which would be clear, concise and powerful no matter what the sound system or the mix.“You will immediately pick up the different elements of each song.“The songs range from punky to just brutally heavy each drawing on a section of metal from the last 30 years.”The band have just released their debut album Scourge of Suffering.Marc said the goal was now to push the boundaries of the songs even further – making them heavier, faster, more doom, more sonic variation and more brutality.For fans of Deicide, Cult of Luna, Mastadon, Pantera, Metallica, Thy Art is Murder and Carcass.


Last 9 Days is a five man wrecking crew. Forming in late 2014 from other established Australian metal acts, they hit the local scene with a sharp edged thrash attack and entered the studio to record a 6 song demo sampler.Following a stream of shows locally and interstate they entered the studio again and smashed out their full length album 'In Decline' which showcases a heavy mix of diversity and intensity.


Ocean Shores is a Hardcore band with members from The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast Formed in late 2019, reprising of members Elijah Sapolu, Josh Sellin, Patrick Sviecka, Dave Thompson, Jack Mathews. Ocean Shores have released two singles ‘Believe In Nothing’ released on October 18th 2019 and ‘Severed’ in March 2020 Drawing influences from abrasive old school metalcore as well as chaotic hardcore bands blended with modernised sound. If you enjoyed the sounds of the early 2000era, Ocean Shores will deliver and they’re definitely making a stamp in the Brisbane Hardcore scene. Bring your sweat bands and gym gear and stay hydrated before a show with Ocean Shores, because throwing down, Jumping on stage and mic grabs is all Ocean Shores is about, and for everyone that sees them at a show to leave nothing in the tank.


From garages to greater things, 4 piece Brisbane metalcore outfit Revoid are set to make waves in the Australian metal scene. Starting out in 2018 they have since released 2 EPs, 'Dis//Connect' and 'Reform & Regret'


Three piece instrumental heavy fusion band combining the sounds of guitars, massive drums and a pounding bass guitar. A progressive fusion jazz-metal band.Based in Brisbane & The Gold Coast, The Cilikis was formed in 2009 by Brendan McLaughlin and Frank Horvath with Franks long time friend Tyronne Anderson.Initially as a progressive metal / guitar rock band, tastes and styles of playing and writing shifted over time to a more jazz fusion metal focus. Not an easy combination to describe, best is to come and watch them do their thing!

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