Gold Coast

Some say rock n’ roll is dead. Bands don’t exist anymore. Guitars and drums are dated. F**K that! Nothin’ could be further from the truth!

Evil/Twin are one of Australia’s newest hard rock acts, keeping it real, the way it should be. Singer/Guitarist Scottie Parsons gathered a bunch of mates on the Gold Coast to form the band in late 2016 with Gav Jones, Richard Coleman and Frank Horvath.

Drawing on years of experience as members of some of Australia’s best-known bands, Evil/Twin know how to deliver the goods. The debut self-titled EP received good reviews and sales in Australia, USA, UK and NZ with local radio air play on Rebel FM and others.The band’s follow up EP Dark Passenger is now available with more killer tracks. Armed with old-school guitars, drums and amps, Evil/Twin know how to deliver a rock show and remind the crowd how it used to be.



The Blacknoise Army have managed to capture the raw grit that made the 90’s Seattle grunge scene so irresistible, whilst melding a more arcane lyrical flavour to their particular brand of heavy rock.You can expect lyrics that delve into the recesses of the human spiritus, explore the occult, and ultimately, challenge the bounds of what we know and trust.Taking influence from a variety of hard rock, progressive and alternative acts, the 5 piece have crafted songs that have real depth far beyond the surface level of dirty riffs, ear-catching drums and powerful evocative vocals. Far from your standard heavy rock band, The Blacknoise Army will entice your ears without treading the same overly-beaten trail that many other heavy alternative acts have worn into the ground.



Deaf Poet Society will be joining us Sunday November 8th at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage Hard rock’n’roll for insomniacs that don’t respond to hard drugs. Deaf Poet Society is a Brissy based band for people that like their songs catchy as hell and guitars F***king DISTORTED and F***cking LOUD. We’ll crank it to 11 and you can show it to Nanna.


Swimsuit Issue is the Musical project of Danny Mann and Tom Murphy. Forming in May 2020 with the debut album set for release early Oct 2020. It is being recorded late August at Yama Nui with Steve Summers of Stonewax productions, “Ziggy Alberts”, “Dear Doonan” Outlets so far have said in regards to the sound.“The End sounds like something off the new Slowdive record, kudos to them for paying attention to the details and delivering some quality dream-pop”

Rockera Magazine Swimsuit issue follows in the footsteps of other great alt rockers to have come out of Australia.Their sound is dark and oozing like a New York city busted drain-pipe on a hot summers day. Alt77.com Swimsuit issue has already had prime time airplay on the 6-9 THIS show on 4zzz, playlist additions and radio spins and interviews on UK and US radio .This is only the beginning.



Hit n Mizz are an Australian female fronted rock band taking on the future of Rock Music in Australia.Influenced by many of the great rock icons of the past front woman Mizzie Maxx takes lead of her men. Slije on badass bass, Matt on his steel strings and Shep smashing the drums. Combined their powers can bring a city down.Explosive on stage performers with a high energy show.You wanna know what its like to be Hit N Mizz'd Come check out the band and join the new world order of rock !!



Prunda is a local Hard Rock band that was formed in 2019. As a three piece, Prunda offers a traditional spread of instrumentation and break-your-teeth riffs that will have you headbanging along! A vast array of influences including Tool through to Alter Bridge colour their sound, creating a refreshing and original mix of nuances. Their debut EP release arrived in April earlier this year.

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