This explosive metal sound consists of front Man Matty who's spent the last 15 years making poor life choices and has now decided he has something to say about it.
Guitarist Sammy who's string snapping pick melting technique may not be as per manufacturer's recommendations.
Guitarist Shane who brings an element of depth to the heavy riffs and flowing harmonies while keeping the rhythm tight like a tennis shoe.
Bassist Coxy he jumped straight into the deep end switching from guitar to bass upon joining the band, bringing a brutally fierce low end with melodic groove.
Drummer Mick a dynamic hard hitter bringing an eclectic mix of technical, thrash and pounding drumming to the line up.

Last 9 Days is a five man wrecking crew who are based in and around Brisbane.
Forming in late 2014 from other established Australian metal acts they quickly hit the local scene with a sharp edged thrash attack and entered the studio to record a six song demo sampler.
Following a stream of shows locally and interstate they turned a lot of heads and ventured back into the studio to smash out their 9 song full length album 'In Decline' which showcases a unique mix of diversity and intensity.

Gold Coast band Orfanberna have been jamming up a storm since coming together.
Jamie on drums came from punk band
“The Drop In’s “ he then joined up with Tez “Machine Gun The Poor “ to start a new project, of heavy doom laden metal.
They started jamming at Rock city and got down two tracks. This led to advertising for a bass player and they then enlisted ex “Harvest the Moon “ and also “Cowboys and Injuries “ bass player Dave Martin .
Greg a friend who also played guitar in “Harvest the Moon” came on board and five songs were written.
The advertised for a singer and found Benny. Since then they have written a full set and jam twice a week in a storage shed.. to tighten the set up.
Vocals - Benny Dazzla
Lead Guitar - Dr Orfanberna
Guitar - Ghost
Bass - Groovy
Drums - Dread Head

Progressive Heavy Rock/ Metal band from the Sunshine Coast .
Our influences are Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, System of a down, and many others, Our riffs are dense enough to crush planets, blow your mind, and challenge your thoughts, we are Wisdom's Realm

Adam Kane - Guitar, Vocals Bruce Bailey - Guitar Zac Blunt - Drums Markus W Smith - Bass, Vocals

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