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Once again, the beautiful metal Sunday sessions at The Woolly Mammoth are going off.

To steal a line from my Doof friends, “it’s Sunday, gotta go to church”. Let’s see what this sermon of sounds had to offer...

The Cilikis

in one word, this band is “Technical”. With time signatures not for the faint of heart, and an almost free jazz approach to their instruments it’s a fascinating thing to watch. Super complex bass solos give way to distortion and breakdowns, its beautiful. Something tells me i'll need a few more listens before I can really get a handle on what these guys are… and that’s a massive compliment from me.


Leaning much more towards the Post-Hardcore end of the spectrum this night. With cleanly sung chorus’ and dope breakdowns, these guys had my 16 old emo self screaming to be unleashed. Latest single “Cut Me Down” is a serious highlight breaking free of the dime a dozen break downs so common to this genre. Will definitely be keeping an eye on these guys; with a little more stage presence I reckon they are a winning combo and a great take on this style.

Ocean Shores

Obviously one of the most professional looking bands in terms of stage setup, these north coast locals are out pimping their latest EP “One Foot in the Grave”. Taking the stage after a short ambient intro they slam into the wall of fucking rock! The song “Suffering” was a great stand out to the set. With the front man stalking the stage like some sort of titan, it was a great sight. Especially with the two guitarists taking us to headbanging heaven. The addition of the finger tapping in the solos shakes up the sound in a nice way. The little rhythmic changes really make the group, totally moshable without being boring and predictable.


My notes from the night simply read “Incredible energy from the frontman, Visceral as fuck”

The stage right guitarist is so cool and controlled, combined with the sound they pump out its almost funny to contrast his chill as fuck demeanour with the urge to headbang he creates. Along with the drummer’s massive smile this band is fascinating to watch.

These guys were definitely one of the tighter bands of the night (Though no band was sloppy), their time changes made this drummer very satisfied, and judging from the standing ovation from the crowd forced to sit all night shows that the crowd appreciated it as much as I did. Song structures and occasional melodic arpeggios and almost grunge influenced rhythm guitar at some points make this one of the stand outs of the night for humble little moi.

Last Nine Days

In one word this band is “TIGHT”. Surely founded on the rock that is this drummer. Rock solid tempo, bashing the kit, fills for days, breakdowns and blastbeats! Someone mentioned that he was one of the best drummers in Brisbane and I was not disappointed. This guy is on my good list. And if the drummer keeps the music solid. The bass player held up the stage presence, this guy could not stop moving and banging, Clearly hyped as fuck and channelling something. This band doesn’t let up, no time to breathe no time to get one’s head out of the sea of distortion and blast beats. I loved it.

Scourge of suffering

I was genuinely frightened listening to this band, never knowing what was going to happen next. The band and front man seemed on the edge of insanity constantly, schizophrenically jumping from screech to growl and a beautiful parade Grime Core aggression. With songs that feel like they barely break 2 minutes most of the time, this band gave me serious Nails vibes. If moshing was legal, I would almost be too scared to be a part of it, Massive compliment to this style of metal.

Overall super solid night for this occasional metal toe-dipper to attend. No band was a letdown and the turn out for a Sunday afternoon was awesome to see. This scene really defends their own in these trying times. If this is any indication, the Brisbane metal scene should have no issues getting through these dark days, and with these bands’ tunes, we will have a hell of a soundtrack to the coming apocalypse...

Written by Sam Hegerhorst Mahony (of Deaf Poet Society and Passion Cactus)

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