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FRIDAY 12/02/2021 at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage

Seeing this event on Facebook I instantly knew I was coming to this gig at the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage. Being a metalcore fan I was extremely excited for the night and with moshing now allowed again I took full advantage of this.

As the people started rolling through the doors and grabbing drinks everyone was hanging around the stage waiting and anticipating the storm that was brewing. Kicking off the night we had Metalcore newcomers Hang 'em High A 5 piece band from Brisbane making their Debut.

The stage lights dimmed and an eerie siren played through the speakers as the crowd moved in closer to the stage. You could tell right from the start that this band meant business as they had the crowd moshing and in the palm of their hands by the end of their first song.

This high energy band full of breakdowns, melodic guitars and heavy vocals were the tightest opening band I’ve ever come across. It was short lived unfortunately with only a 4 song setlist. I wasn’t able to stop moving my neck the entire time. HANG EM HIGH: for fans of Fit for a King, Alpha Wolf & Wage War. With the first band of the night over local metalcore boys Hollow Doubt were up next.

I’ve never seen these guys live before but I was aware that the bass player from another local Brisbane metalcore band called “Sentiment “was on bass duties for the band on the night. Having seen Hayden perform with Sentient before I knew I was in for a show. Right from the start of their set I was drawn to the vocals and the guitarists. They had an extremely good mix of heavy vocals with melodic & heavy guitars. They came out swinging and the crowd was loving it.

I kept finding myself drawn to the power of the vocalist mid screams which ripped through The Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage. This band were having a blast on stage with crowd participation and plenty of jokes in between songs. Slowing it down mid set they played a much softer melodic song which stood out to me in their set. HOLLOW DOUBT: for fans of In hearts wake & While she Sleeps. Next up on the list we had Harbor The Code Never heard of these guys before and didn’t really know what to expect but holy shit did they grab my attention right away. This 3-piece metalcore band from Brisbane had people running across the mosh pit and two stepping within the first 30 seconds of their set. It was breakdown central.

( Blegh) It was hard for me to actually stop and write something for this band because I was just too busy moshing their entire set. They had crowd participation throughout their entire set. The riffs were heavy and the breakdowns were even heavier. Harbor the code are a band who means business and you best believe they showed it on the night. HARBOR THE CODE: for fans of Polaris , Parkway Drive & Alpha Wolf I Went to have a quick smoke & drink break as I knew Ocean shores were up next and i needed a breather before I went all out for these guys. AS everyone starts coming back inside to the pit area The lights dimmed as OceanShores took to the stage greeted by an eerie siren entrance.

There was just something about this bands presence that was screaming to me. They ripped into their opening song which was fast and heavy. You could not move on the floor, everyone was jammed in there dancing & moshing within the first two minutes of them opening. Their lead vocalist started throwing free t shirts out to the crowd and the beach balls followed. I’m honestly not sure whether I got hit more times by a flying fist or a beachball. Either way it felt incredible to be in a mosh pit again.

This high energy band have great crowd participation along with a great stage presence and a fun setlist. They have become one of my favourite Australian live bands and I cannot wait to see them again. OCEAN SHORES : for fans of: Parkway Drive , Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying. Now it was time for the headliners of the night WAR BEAR Official I had never heard of this band before tonight and I was intrigued by their name so of course I had to check them out. WarBear took to the stage and come out swinging with heavy riffs and deathcore like vocals This was easily the heaviest band of the night.

They had the crowd going by the end of their first song. With an insane stage presence and tight sound, I was highly impressed by this band. Influences of deathcore & metalcore Warbear know what they are doing and they showed the crowd last night they are back . I was highly drawn to the bass player as his heavy bass lines, A solid backline with the drums. If you like your music fast loud & heavy as fuck War Bear is a must see band. WARBEAR: for fans of : Chelsea Grin , Suicide Silence , Thy art is murder & Alpha Wolf. Review Quinn Herman

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