Awake in Time (AIT) are a band determined to push the boundaries of the Metal/Punk genres. Juxtaposing their tunes with huge guitar riffs, aggressive breakdowns and catchy melodies with an ever so slight hint of hip hop, their sound is as unique as it is unforgettable. Highly energetic, immensely powerful, AIT are producing a sound that is full of grunt, and packed with substance.
Formed in early 2018 on the Gold Coast, AIT are Alex Nelson (vocals), Steve Glasson (drums), Mitchell Banks (guitar) and Richard Isaac (bass).
Awake in Time released their debut single ‘Reckless’ in October 2018 to big acclaim on Triple J Unearthed holding out the number one spot on both the punk and metal charts for two consecutive weeks.
The band has recently finished recording their long-awaited EP “Lucid In Turmoil” set to be released in November with their single “The Past Should Stay Dead” dropping on the 10th of October this year. While the boys are plowing through the year resulting in many gigs in both Gold Coast and Brisbane, their creative juices are flowing to the max with work already underway on their first full length studio album.
So with all of this in mind be sure to catch Awake in Time’s energetically brazen live show !!

Seven Enemies" are a heavy hard rock band from Brisbane. Three original members from "Hot escape"(2012) Re-formed in 2018 to bring back the crunch with jaw dropping riffs, aggressive vocals and a live show with more energy than a nuclear power plant.
Band Members
Joel Hoolihan - vocals
Chris Harmens - guitar, vocals
Elliot Johnson - guitar
Ben Vlieg - drums

Brisbane based Sludge/Stoner/Stentorian
Luigi Carpinteri- Guitar
Jason Barnes- The other Guitar
Fender King- Five strings on a four string bass
Alex Kemp- Vox
James Rockfords- curmudgeon/drums/mojo

Dynamically expressive hard rock alternate metal band Krave will leave you in a state of craze and bone buzzing adrenaline through their heavy riffs, exceptional vocal power and energetic stage presence. Krave are Brisbane based. Half the band formed at Music Industry College which is the real life school of rock. Krave’s influences stem from the likes of Pantera, Nirvana, CKY and Halestorm. Members, Siana Davis (rock chick, red headed singer/bassist), Ryan White (manic, shredding lead guitarist), Jayce Johansen, (menacing, head banging rhythm guitarist) and Charlie Gates (hair whipping, cymbal smashing, energetic machine of a drummer) are hardworking, they live and breathe their passion and deliver the best show imaginable. Krave give everything to their audience. Every song. Every show. The band’s mission is to gig, record and release music so fans crave more from Krave.