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I took some time to have a casual chat with Samm from the band SHORES  about what makes this band tick.

Stumbling across the band while looking through artists on Triple J their debut track Peach Street immediately grabbed my attention.


SHORES are new to the Brisbane music scene only coming together in 2019 but in a year they have continued to move forward and gain attention and will have their debut gig in December.

Covid came as a blessing in disguise for the band giving them the time to come together and start writing music while in lockdown. The music that came out of ISO they have continued to build on.

They started Jamming together after meeting Lauchy at a party and the following week he turned up for rehearsals.

On speaking to Samm ( Guitarist ) he explained how they have all grown as song writers with him and Lauchy originally writing all of the lyrical content before Ben and Dan started writing. They are now all contributing to the writing process. This has jelled the band together as a tight unit and they are looking forward to what the future holds for them.


Samm, Dan and Ben went to school together at Iona College in Wynnum West Brisbane.

Covid saw Samm lose his job and take on managing the marketing and admin side for the band and allowing the others to concentrate on their Uni and work commitments.

Dan on drums is at Uni and works part time, Ben works casual and their vocalist Lauchy lives and works on the Gold Coast. They come together every weekend to rehearse for their upcoming show.


Their first single “Peach Street “came about from a share house experience and the first time living out of home and partying on Peach Street. The are writing about their experiences that are relatable to others.

Lauchy had only been with the band three months when they hit the studio to record Peach Street.

It was their first time in a studio and they had fun with it likening it to just jamming at home in the garage after the nerves had settled.

SHORES are influenced by a diverse range of music and nothing is out of bounds. They  feel they are not restricted to play a certain style of music. They are all self-taught musicians and their vast influences range from Alice in Chains to Smashing Pumpkins blues and reggae for Samm. Dan on drums is into his 90s punk, Lauchy is reggae and garage Punk , Ben is 2000’s Nu Metal along with Reggae and Psych rock. Bring all this together and there is a melting pot of influences guiding them.

Currently they are working on their versatility as a band and tightening up their live performance and new songs ready to hit the stage for their debut gig December 13th at the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage Fortitude Valley.


Not being bound by specific ideas and being able to experiment they are coming up with some great music and are so pumped to be able to get it out there to an audience. They are working their way through all their new music and refining their craft and looking to get an album out in the near future. They are slowly building their fan base through playing the odd party as every band does when starting out but the big stage is calling the boys from Wynnum.


Make sure you grab a ticket through Moshtix to catch this vibrant young band when they hit the stage for the first time.

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