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Thursday November 12th is just around the corner and I caught up with the vocalist Grant McMillan from Strange Fiction for a quick chat. Strange Fiction are a hardcore outfit that have been kicking around Brisbane since early 2019. Grant told me how three of the members went to school together and at Unified 2017 they met guitarist Jackson Barnes who shared a common interest with a band they followed and this band has heavily influenced the band to date. (Every Time I Die)

They played their first show in Brisbane in 2019 and were joined by their mate as the 6th member not long after “The Shoey Shark” Mitch Bruce. Mitch is the party element of the band and completes the outfit by now attending all shows and you guessed it Shoey’s are his thing and wearing a shark costume.

Describing themselves as fast hardcore with southern Nashville riffs Strange Fiction are a fusion of Heavy punk hardcore. They released an EP in April 2020 “Captivated by the Chaos “ that has been received with plenty of positive feedback from their fans. They want to take this as far as they can and Unified is a goal. They will be releasing three new tracks in Jan/ Feb of 2021.

Two videos to date are floating around on Youtube “ PEN15” and “Schooner or Later” and their music can be found on all streaming services.

Their plans of a far North Qld tour had to be put on hold due to Covid and they are keen to get back into it and excited to be taking to the stage at Woolly Mammoth Thursday November 12th opening for Kaosphere , Pistonfist and 57 Below.

Vocals: Grant McMillan

Guitar: Jackson Barnes

Guitar: Faber

Bass: Arlen McDonald

Drums: Miguel Mendoza

The Shoey Shark: Mitch Bruce