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Tam always had a passion for attending live music and was always sneaking in a little point and shoot to capture those moments for special keepsakes. Three years ago she decided to purchase a DSLR camera. Her aim was to capture live music photography as a hobby.


Tam has gone on to photograph loads of big name artists and has a port folio many would be envious of.


Alice Cooper, Slash, Slayer, Jimmy Barnes and many of the major touring artists that have come our way pre-covid.


She is building an exceptional reputation in the Australian scene and can be found at most gigs with her camera by her side.


Tam's passion for live music and photography is immensely apparent. Her knowledge of how the artists move delivers some outstanding Photography.


Her love of music is extensive and her work ethic is admirable. Putting in the hard yards at many festivals rain, hail or shine.


Tam has attended many MMK events capturing the local scene which she is very much apart of when not out doing Dani from Cradle Of Filth (Special Mention) as she is an avid fan through to the likes of Sarah Mc Leod (Super Jesus).

Make sure to check out Tams facebook, instagram and website to stay up to date.

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