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12 months on from their inception, Vallies have spent the past year slowly garnering a name for themselves across South East QLD and Northern NSW.

Leading up to Sunday at Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage I had a chat to Bart the front man for Vallies on what the band has been up to over the last year.

Covid didn’t really affect them but it saw them loose a few shows but he explained that the band is very much a hobby for them and they are not reliant on the money and just love what they do. They would rather play a good gig and gain new fans then base their music on financial gain.

They have given most of their merch away but they have taken on QR codes with getting their music out there. Flyers were done up and laminated with their photo and “Do you like what you see”.

These were placed around at gigs so people could scan and link into their music and website and follow the band.

A stream of digital releases supported by some huge live shows across some of the area's best venues has seen the band begin to amass an impressive following of loyal fans. 

They released their first video in March this year after the song had been kicking around since 2020.

“Its all Sunshine“ was meant to be a one minute promo and ended up as a fun afternoon of them being recorded just having fun doing what they do.

He stated If they have one negative it’s that they take their time getting things together.

This is due to work and all being busy with families and himself having a new baby on the way.

They have taken a relaxed approach to their music, classing themselves as middle aged men, they like to take their time but will be ramping things up before the end of 2021.

The band does not take themselves too seriously. This was made evident in their photo shoot floating around a pool with a blow up unicorn. Their aim is to put across professional music but show their laid-back attitude.

Vallies have been likened to so many bands, he is often surprised at shows when someone brings up a new name to the mix. Their sound comes from all the separate influences of the members who all play a part in the music that is produced by the members.

They share similar interests but are also very broad in what they like and this helps to make the band so diverse. Their funk grooves and punchy rock takes the listener on a journey through some very well thought out music and lyrics.

Bart explained that Music is subjective, and how great it is that people all hear different things and different dynamics in their music.

A big fan of Incubus and Karnivool and growing up on Butterfly Effect  and this comes through in his vocals but his taste in music varies also listening to punk and electronic dance.

Their Single “It’s all Sunshine“  was a song where they went for a happy track that was pop oriented and a polar opposite to their other stuff.

Lots of things are behind the influences of Vallies. Even though they are slow at releasing content the content is very good and worth waiting for.


Exploring elements of various genres, Vallies cohesively implement their trademark groove and energy into each track.

Drawing early comparisons to bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus & Don Broco.

The band creates a uniquely fresh sound that is drawing attention from all the right places.

They have another 5 / 6 song’s that have been recorded and these tracks will be coming out this year and then  it will all come together for an EP at the close of 2021.

The highly anticipated show at Woolly Mammoth June 20th will be their first time at the venue and they are keen to join the other bands on the line up to bring one hell of a show.

They had planned to take some time out after this show to concentrate on content and writing but are now going to be organizing and playing a benefit show for the crew that put their video together.

This show will be on the Gold Coast at Vinnies Dive in August with 6 bands, raffles with some great prizes to be won. Keep an eye on their socials on how you can be apart of this worthy cause.


Favourite gig to date

First that comes to mind was one with my old band  Antimata when we supported Osaka Punch at the Northern in Byron with Little Provence .

The second would be opening the big Banana Festival at Coffs Harbour.

Favourite Gig you have seen

Best gig I have seen, hmm I have seen Karnivool many times but Soundwave defiantly with being able to see so many internationals in one place is up there as one of the best.

Favourite Venue

BBQ Bazzar would have to be my favourite venue to play at on the Goldie.

Stand out band

Playing alongside the UK guys Brixton Alley who have crashed on my couch a few times.

Awesome dudes and their song writing is so good and I drive around with them in the car and my wife knows all the lyrics.

Local Bands that Stand Out

Monsters up North who we have played with a few times.

One band that we haven’t managed to play with as yet and look forward to playing alongside is Mister Sister.

One of the things with being in a band these days with technology is anyone can record and its endless. Lots of great music coming out and we are very lucky to be amongst it all.

Looking forward to seeing Atticus Chimps June 20th and  I am surprised that sound comes from a two piece.

Vallies is a band  always evolving their sound of melodic rock, funk grooves and pop hooks, played with an uplifting intensity. 

Tickets are now available through Moshtix 


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